Thursday, 13 November 2014

Sedation Dentistry

Dental Sedation in Sheboygan WIFeel Completely Relaxed with Sedation Dentistry
We understand that some people are terrified of dental treatment. The needle, the smells, the drilling – they are just not for them. But we can calm your feelings and eliminate any stress you may feel with conscious sedation dentistry. We are very pleased about the ability to make every visit easy and relaxed.

It is quite simple to give you the state of relaxation you require. Just one hour before your appointment, you take one pill we have previously given you. As you sit in the dental chair, you gradually fade into a deeper level of sedation. You are able to respond to questions asked by the dentist, but you will not be aware of the work being performed. Your vital signs are continually monitored during the treatment. When you’re finished, a friend drives you home.

Some people have an even greater fear of being unconscious. However, you are not completely “out,” as during surgery. You still understand what’s being said and going on, you just don’t have any anxiety about it. It provides the right level of consciousness and the right level of calmness.

For those patients who are very resistant to getting numb, conscious sedation will work for them. And for patients that need extensive work but can’t afford the time for multiple visits – again, conscious sedation is the perfect option for your care. With this method, we can take care of years of dental work in just one visit! We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for those who have lighter sedation needs. 

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