Thursday, 23 April 2015

Children's Dental Sealants

An Easy Way to Help Prevent Children’s Tooth Decay
Sometimes even careful brushing doesn’t properly clean the grooves and contours of teeth. Bacteria and plaque will build up, and with continual exposure to acids, decay will form. Any amount of decay is permanent and requires a restoration. But today, there is an easy way to help teeth stay cavity-free. It is one application of a mineralizing sealant, and it is amazingly easy.

Teeth are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. One clear coat of sealant is applied to the entire surface of each molar. Dr. Shoenenberger then uses a curing light to bond the coating to the tooth. And that is the whole procedure! It takes only minutes and there is no pain. Shots or drilling are not necessary, and the whole tooth remains intact.

We highly recommend this treatment for children’s and adolescents’ teeth, as it provides the best protection to reduce the occurrence of cavities throughout their lifetime. 

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