Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Dental Patient Comfort

Isolite® – Another Advancement for Patient Comfort
Isolite is another incredible advancement that makes dental care easier and more comfortable. This is a suction device with a very bright light that eliminates shadows within the mouth during treatment. With this technology, most procedures take about 30 percent less time. No longer do patients get a gagging feeling, as saliva won’t build up. The suction constantly takes away any debris during a procedure. There is no jaw fatigue from having to hold your mouth open. And the illumination allows for better accuracy during treatment.

No longer does a patient have to put up with a bulky rubber dam. Although procedures still require a dry area for best results,
Isolite maintains the necessary dryness in a manner that is easier for patients.
Your Health Is Very Important 
We take all aspects of cleanliness very seriously at our practice. Some of the tools we use are single-use and discarded after treatment. Others are sterilized in an autoclave between patients. This is a specialized cleaning unit that is monitored by another lab to be sure all sterilization meets safety standards. We never take the slightest risk with any aspect of your health. 

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